2008 World Italian Sausage Eating Contest
Saturday, July 19th 2008

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Sausage Eating Contest Photos 2008

A.I.C.E. Competitors 2008
"Tiny Tim" Rausheder
Cleveland, Ohio

"Tiny Tim" first became aware of his champion eating ability while in High School when he set the unofficial Padua Franciscan High School Cookie dough record in Parma Ohio by downing 32 Raw Cookie Dough Cookies and 10 cartons of milk in a single lunch period. (rumor has it this record has yet to be broken).

This Cleveland born and raised Food Warrior has made a big impression in 2007 when he took 2nd place in the National Pierogie Eating Championship in Pittsburgh, PA. In doing so, Rauscheder defeated eating legends David “Coondog” O’Karma, Mark Lyle “The Human Vacuum”, Bob “Killer” Kuhns and Pete “Broken Wing Maurizio.

In a state stocked with good Eaters, “Tiny” has gained local eating titles in Ice Cream, Chicken Wings and is well known for his Pierogie eating prowess. In 2005 & 2006 “Tiny Tim” was a local talent who was waiting to show his skills on the national eating stage and finally got his chance in June of 2007. Both Eaters and the large group of supporters & Fans who accompany “Tiny” are eagerly awaiting future performances from this 30 year old Sales Manager.

Tim also excels in bowling and has cracked 275 four times. Also, "Tiny" Captains a group of Champion Dart-Throwers and plays the Bass in a band.

Ian “The Invader” Hickman
Sterling, VA

Currently ranked among the best Eaters in America by the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters, “The Invader” is a recent graduated from the University of Kentucky where he majored in Journalism and now makes his home in Sterling Virginia.
Ian is the current National Spoon Bread, Potato Latke and Fried Zucchini Eating Champion.He is known by family and friends as “The Bottomless Pit,” a name and reputation he has earned early in childhood an through out college.

While attending the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ian would invade buffets and other eateries and soon developed  the reputation as the “Invader” and  became an unwelcome guest  at  buffets and steak houses in and around Lexington Kentucky. When  Ian invades a buffet, he does so with  the mindset; “I am your worst nightmare and I am here to put you out of business.”.  Rumor has it that local food establishments signed a petition requesting that the “Invader” be banned from their eating establishments. Although single, when asked who his dream-girl is he simply responds; “not sure, but it would be great if she was a waitress”.

Some of the Invaders many restaurant conquests include 19 Skyline chili/cheese dogs in 30 minutes, 33 Dairyette hamburgers in 45 minutes, 117 Hooter's wings in one sitting, 335 Red Lobster shrimp in 1 hour, 22 Taco Johns tacos in one sitting, a 64oz Reno's Big Bubba Steak in 19 minutes. In only his first Speed Eating contest, “The Invader” took 3rd place against a group of Professional Eaters at the Great American Chicken Wing Eating Championship in Ft. Wayne Indiana. If it wasn’t for a rookie mistake of pouring water into his tray, he probably would have pulled off the biggest upset in 2005.  Other speed eating conquests include a Watermelon Eating Contest in Ohio where he consumed 9.5 lbs. of watermelon easily defeating the 2nd place finisher by more than a pound. Ian who has surfer-boy good looks and has become the “Media Darling of Competitive Eating” is unquestionably  the “Heart Throb” of the eating circuit and is also known by adoring fans as the “Hunk of Hunger”.

Elliot "The Savage" Cowley
Audubon, NJ

Elliot "The Savage" Cowley whose berserk demeanor and contest antics compel parents to hold on to their children tight, anytime "The Savage" makes an entrance. The Savage has distinguished himself by taking 2nd place at the National Strawberry Eating Championship in 2006 by losing by less than .14 of an oz.
Also, Elliot again suffered heartbreak by barely losing to the Great Ian Hickman at the BR Frozen Custard National Eating Championship in 4/2008 by consuming 5.42 LBS to Hickman's 5.50 LBS. Elliot has twice made the final table at the prestigious PA-Wing Bowl and has qualified for the Windmill National 1/4 Hot Dog Eating Championship. Other Eating accomplishments include eating the most Suicide Wings (18) ever consumed at Tony Soprano's in southern New Jersey, Record Holder for eating the "Dog Bowl" which is a 16 scoop monster Ice Cream Challenge in New Jersey. Other NJ eating accomplishments include regional titles for Hot Dogs and Salty Balls.

Elliot works as a Social Worker for the state of New Jersey and is a graduate of Bucknell University where he was a Division 1 Soccer and Rugby player. In addition to his responsibilities as a father & husband, Elliot, who is a black-belt in Martial Arts, also makes time to compete at a high level on that that circuit as well. Elliot stands 6' 1" and weighs 230 lbs. and currently makes his home in Audubon, New Jersey.

Carey "Powerhouse" Poehlmann
Willow Grove, PA

Carey is a Navy Veteran who served in the Submarine Division and currently attends college and works full time in the fashion industry. Carey has captured several regional eating titles in Wings, Pierogies and Hot Dogs.
When competing on the National Eating Circuit “Powerhouse” has shown that he has the potential to break into the to AICE’s top 15 once he gains a little bit more experience and consistency.

"Powerhouse" has also distinguished himself in several restaurant challenges, including one particular instance where he consumed a 5lb Hamburger in under an hour. He is also the 2007 NE Pennsylvania Pierogi Champion and 2007 Scranton Chili Whimpee Champion. He ate the Big Daddy Luke burger in 24 minutes, the Denny's Beer Barrel "Pub Challenger" cheeseburger (4 pounds total) in 56 minutes and Niner Diner 4 lb cheeseburger in 30 minutes.

Mark “The Human Vacuum” Lyle
Columbus, OH

The Vacuum is a top echelon Food Warrior and is ranked among America’s finest by the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters. In March of 2005 “The Vacuum” crashed on the scene by winning the “War of the Wings Chicken Wing Eating Championship” in Coshocton Ohio where he decisively defeated a large field of top eaters.
In addition, Mark has won the Great American Chicken Wing Eating Championship and took a close second the next day while competing in the World Corn On The Cob Eating Championship.

Few eaters in the world can match “The Vacuum” when it comes to Speed Eating. Mark has also captured a Canadian Hot Dog Title in November 2005. 2006 was a fantastic year for the “the Vacuum” as he captured the National County Fair Foods Eating Championship, American Meatball Eating Championship along with the World Rib Eating Championship. Mark brings his experience and toughness as a former Wrestler and Football player with him every time he steps up to the plate. Mark has worked in Management and currently works as a private contractor. He is 6’2", 220lbs and hails from Columbus, Ohio.

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