Italia Unita Would Like to Thank All of Those Who Have Supported Us Over the Past 10 Years!

Video Clips From Past Events.

Opening Ceremony 2004

The Angellic Voice
of Sabrina Ryan

Sabrina Sings
the National Anthem

Enzo Amara Sings
the Italian Anthem

Joe Papapierto presents
a check from Coca-Cola

Chris Zarba receives ITAM Lifetime Achievement Award

Cutting of "The Sub'
Italian American Achievement Award

Senate President accepts 10th Annual ITAM AA

Robert E. Travaglini
Saying a Few Words
Learn more about:
Robert Travaglini
Senate President
Boston's Own Mayor Menino
The Crowd Gathers...
Star 93.7's Performers!
DJ's Anthony Picarello, Fast Freddie, and Angelo

DJ Italian Ice
The Festival's Familiar Faces
Unita Staff 2004

Italia Unita
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